Monday, December 21, 2009

"Maverick's FIRST Snowstorm"

We had an unusually early BIG snow storm December 19-20, 2009. It was called a blizzard (blizzard has nothing to directly to do with snow amounts) and historical because of the amount of snow, it was a Nor'easter!

Nor'easters are coastal storms and always bring with them a lot of moisture and high winds that are damaging to the beaches with erosion. The winds swirl counterclockwise towards the coast here on the East coast hence why they are damaging. When they come during winter temperatures, the 1-2 inches of water turn into a TON of snow! Depending on temperature and other factors 1 inch of water = 10" of snow, approximately.

From Virginia up to the NY area amounts of 20+ inches. We are familiar with getting over a foot of snow but usually in Jan-April, if at all. Luckily, this was a light weight snow, easy to shovel but easily blown around and why there is very little left on the roofs and drifts abound everywhere! During the storm, I had to open the front storm door a few times, clearing a inch or more of snow, to ensure I would not get snowed in. Right before bed, I cleared the porch area about 1 am, and when I looked out about 7 or 8 am, it was replaced though there was an additional 4 inches on top of the untouched porch. We would have been OK but can't hurt to be careful.

This snow is even too deep for Madison who does not seem to love the snow as much as big sis Layne did when she was alive. Madison likes it but does not give me that, "Thanks mom" look and run with abandon into it, at least when it is > 1.5 feet. She made a few of her own paths through it but close to the house. Today I tossed the ball for her and for fetch, she'd go to the ends of the earth. I am sure she has been waiting for fetch to commence, as usual.

This is Maverick's first snow storm. He is an indoor cat but is always at the door when I or Madison are outside. So I put on his harness and leash and brought him onto the front porch to check it out. Don't think he knew what to make of the cold whiteness under him, then Madison came poking her head through the front door, so we all went into the back yard. The sun was just trying to break through the clouds & it was very windy so I only kept him outside maximum 5 minutes total. He was very glad to get back inside, we all were.

Today mid-migraine I went out to clear ice off of Madison's steps and the sun felt so no nice and no wind to speak of (the front is VERY windy!). I tossed the ball for Madison a bit and decided to bring Maverick back out for a little fresh air as well. He explored a little bit and even though I felt toasty in the sun, he was cold so I brought him in. Again, he was only out for about 5 minutes, he is a 5 month old kitten after all.

Not sure if Maverick will think twice before going to either the front or back doors again, but we will see. I do plan on bringing him out with us in the Spring and Summer when Madison and I spend most of our time out in the backyard. He will be on a leash/tether so he can't hop or climb under the fence and get into trouble. I am sure once he finds some nice sun puddles outdoors, he will be wanting to spend a lot of time outside like we do.