Monday, September 27, 2010

"More Calcium"

Finally found almond milk in the store. It has 30% calcium just like regular milk so as long as I like the taste and it's not overpriced (on sale this week PLUS had $1 off coupon) I will drink this regularly. I add Hershey's Chocolate Syrup with Calcium to it when I need a chocolate milk, not labeled gluten free but I do not see any dairy or gluten ingredients in it. I am surprised almond milk does not have the high level of B12 like most "milk substitutes" do. I am not vegetarian/vegan so this should not be a problem. I have been wanting to try almond butter as well but forgot, oops! It is weird eating peanut butter from a spoon, you know not putting it on bread. Peanut butter tastes great on apple wedges! so does cheese I am told but I can't have that.

I will be skipping all fruit but apples and the very occasional dried cranberries since I have a lot in the house. Had a couple of delicious Cortlandt apples the other day so I picked up some more of them, bagged. Stop and Shop claims they are not waxed so we will see. I'm not a big salad eater. I have to find a wheat free dressing I like and I'll sneak in some salad as a side dish. One of my favorite restaurants instead of serving a tossed salad gives each person 1/4 head of iceberg lettuce with other vegetables as a salad. It is so fresh that way, maybe I can cut mine into 6 or 8 pieces and add my carrots, peppers and almonds or walnuts to it.

Boar's Head makes Lite Beef Hot Dogs that are dairy and gluten free so for a quick protein meal I picked some of those up. Was looking for some Boar's Head pre-cooked turkey to slice up until I am back into full cooking mode but they didn't have any. I know Boar's Head cold cuts do not use fillers so hoping the pre-cooked turkey breast I have gotten from them in the past is also wheat free.

I am still kinda paranoid to eat but eating. Tonight along with the coconut milk and hot dogs I cooked up a sweet potato. They have a lower sugar content than white potatoes and I like them much better; I add a little healthy butter substitute and cinnamon, mmm!

I have a Dunkin Hines brownie mix box sitting on my refrigerator staring at me but I really am not craving any bread or pasta... well except for my pizza cravings!

Last time I did the Meryl Diet I ate oatmeal every morning, last week homemade oatmeal made me so ill so I will be looking for gluten free hot/cold cereal substitutes. I know they are out there but I am not in a rush since I am trying to low carb it for a while to knock off the last pounds I need to get rid of.

Well back for more seltzer. I tried a couple of store brand "flavored" seltzers and they were only tainted with flavor. My new friend told me he loves raspberry flavored ginger ale which I tried and it was pretty good; he gets another plus mark. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Back To Business"

Been a while...

I created this blog to chronicle changing my diet and got way off, though blogging about the furr kidz is always fun! Now back to business.

About a week ago my stomach rebelled on me: intestinal episodes and head spins! The episode was not as bad as it sometimes can be but as usual came from out of nowhere, unexpected.

I have in the past had food problems during allergy season, usually Spring is BAD! A few years ago the pollen was so bad that all my safe foods became toxic to my body. I am feeling like that so it is time to get serious and get back to the Meryl Diet.

The Meryl Diet was "created" about 15 years ago, for some reason I always think 10. I was having major stomach problems and due to sinus infections was regularly on antibiotics from September/October through March. From my reading and the boyfriend at the time, I learned a lot about candida overgrowth. With my "overuse" of antibiotics I knew this was a main part of the problem.

What did I do? I deleted all breads, pasta, sugar and fruit from my diet. It is kinda a cross between Atkins, South Beach, Mediterranean and other "diets". The only carbs I ate were homemade oatmeal with apples flavored with honey and cinnamon, everything else was vegetables, chicken and turkey. My vegetables include carrots and sweet potatoes.

So after a few days of "episodes" I started off drinking some water then added coconut milk for the protein, vitamins and to get filled up. Yesterday I added my homemade iced caffe mocha and a hot soy caffe mocha from Starbucks and still OK. Last night: cole slaw, turkey and a little roast beef!

So this will clear out my system and help me to lose those last pounds I need too. My goal is when I am all better and back to the weight I want to be at, if I feel wheat/gluten is a problem part time or not, to keep it to a minimum and find delicious replacements for it. I want to save my wheat/gluten allowance to the occasional to die for chocolate dessert and some Molsons and maybe pizza if I can't come up with a viable substitute for the crust.

Take care, peace, love meryl xo