Monday, June 14, 2010

"Long Time"

"Been a long time since I rock and rolled..." is what I think of when I see how long its been since I posted a blog entry. So many things have been happening!

I have a new part time job that I am so excited about doing PET/CT exams. During the arduous and lengthy pre-employment process I got a new friend whom I speak to regularly; he is the best! The kidz... Maverick is 11 months old today! which makes Madison 2 years 11 months. Also interviewed for job number 4, another part time job but with two specific days of the week scheduled so I would have threes days a week with guaranteed hours. If this last job comes through I will probably resign from the other hospital job. The prospective place has a great reputation and they tell me "salary is not a problem".

My new job is PET/CT on a mobile trailer. The trailer travels to the different site locations in multiple states. I will be working locally on Long Island however I went for training in Pennsylvania for a long weekend. That meant putting Madison and Maverick somewhere to be looked after so I went to our local pet hotel.

Layne always loved the pet hotel. They walk dogs 5-7 times a day, bring them out for playtime, give them toys and blankets in the spacious 8x10 ft (I think) crate the dogs sleep in. First time Layne was there they asked me if I knew Layne loved to play fetch... she's a Lab, duh? They have rooms you can select for your dog as well with couches, I think even TV, but my pups are crate trained so it works fine for them. Madison did ask about wifi. :)

For cats they have the cattery which is a room with large crates for each cat. They get their own litter box, toys and pillow bed. The staff plays with the cats at least two times a day. Sounds like a sweet deal.

Seems Maverick was kinda shy and did not want to come out of his carrier until one of the staff brought Madison to see him after a walk. As soon as he saw his sister, he came out of his hiding place. The staff did put a blanket in the carrier so he would be comfy in case he decided it was safer to sleep in there. Madison would not do her business in their back yard play area, she would only take care of things on walks. Its supposed to be a big yard, my guess is that Madison did not want to dirty it up so she would continue to get to play there. Both my Labs have been funny that way.

I guess this is all for this post. Maybe my next post will be of the gardens I visited on my day off in PA... they were beautiful!