Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Had a big interview today for a full time job (finally). I believe it went well, I impressed them, etc. hopefully they make me an offer; they are interviewing at least three other people that I know of. I was the first one called from the pile of 300+ resumes... Resume was sent in over two months ago!

Last night, all of a sudden my stomach exploded on me three times! I did not eat anything remotely bad. In fact all I had yesterday was filtered water from home, home made iced caffe mocha with almond milk, and a little natural peanut butter. These are things I eat regularly and have had no problem with.

I immediately thought it was my nerves. I am very anxious about getting this job. It is the first full time position I have applied for in my medical field (all positions open have been per diem, part time so far... or too far away). My parents, specifically my father, is on my case even more....

He enlightened me that a full time job is the goal, uh duh! Oh yes, and not to have my cell phone turned on during the interview. Unless I need to access reference numbers from it, which I have listed on paper now, it is off when I walk into the building. I am not stupid dad! He has such a way to belittle his adult children like this...

Anyway, that is why I thought my "illness" was from my nerves, then again, I have never been that gravely ill from nerves. Sure I think we all have had a time or two when we were nervous or anxious, felt a bit queasy, had butterflies but I had a platoon of butterflies in my belly, then the revolution!

After all episodes were completed, I could tell I had a slight fever so I think this time, it was one of those stupid stomach flus. Of course this occurring and needing to get to my interview today...

I am just so confused with what my body is doing to me. I wish my body would tell me specifically what the problem is. Some things can be fixed like diet, other things like jobs I am not in control over that.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coconut or Almond Milk II"

Interesting how each Stop n Shop I go to around me, has a different selection of what they sell.

I had tried vanilla flavored almond milk and found it too sweet, tried the unsweetened and didn't like that either, preferring the vanilla coconut milk. This Stop n Shop did not have the coconut milk but did have the frozen products from the same company, So Delicious. (Frozen taste test will be its own post.)

Today I mixed 5 ounces of original (unflavored) almond milk with 3 ounces of vanilla (both of the sweetened variety) and I like it!

I will probably use the unsweetened version in my caffe mochas. I am considering trying the unsweetened version and adding store brand Splenda to it too see if that would work as well.

I feel like Goldilocks!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Wheatless not Witless"

Been doing well avoiding the wheat products. I use this link from Gluten Free Living to help out. Like with all allergens/food intolerances, it is the hidden ingredients or the almost invisibly printed "processed on equipment with you allergen/intolerance" that are the most troublesome.

I'm still drinking a lot: coconut milk (finished off the almond milk), seltzer, water, tea, and having a few homemade caffe mochas. Solid food mostly apples, sweet potatoes, natural peanut butter (on its own or on apple slices, yum!), dill pickles, tomato soup, other non-wheat vegetable soups, and turkey. And of course some Dove Dark Chocolate. So I haven't been low sugar but definitely keeping the white foods (except safe milk) out of the picture. I think, and the results tend to be supporting, the wheat/gluten is a problem.

Last night as an experiment, I had a fun pack of M&M's. Granted, there are maybe 20-30 M&M's in the bag but they are milk chocolate. They did not bother me a bit. This is not concrete proof for me, however, than I can have milk. In the past when my system was "clean" I was able to get away with a super sized Friendly Hot Fudge Sundae, i.e. about 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 1/2 Hot Fudge Sauce, 1/2 Caramel sauce, at least 1/2 of whipped cream, and walnuts *daydreams of HF sundae for a moment* I do know that the real ice cream like Breyer's would not attack me like other brands that had very unreal ingredients to make them creamier.

I had a icy, crisp, Blue Moon Ale Friday after another long night at work and it did not bother me, yay! And may I say how great it tasted so icy cold! It was also after another session of my father raking me over the coals and not eating anything solid all day; I had an apple & coconut milk before the ale. I did get my post trauma coal raking headache last night but part of that was also the nasty storm. Since I have had virtually zero headaches since my migraine medication was increased, I blame it on the excess, inane stress of Friday.

I felt like a treat last night so I cut up an apple, sprinkled ground cinnamon, a tablespoon or two of grated sweetened coconut, 30 or so semi-sweet morsels and microwaved it to heat it up. Had I remembered, I would have added walnuts; next time! I did not add sugar because the Empire apples are great and the chocolate & coconut have sugar in them (though I would have added stevia or splenda type if I had). It was delicious! Not lot sugar but no dairy and no wheat, tasty, sweet, and filling maybe being the most important since this was a large apple. All calculated out the total calories was not too bad for a tasty, chocolaty dessert: about 307 calorie.

I think that covers it. Take care & peace, meryl

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Coconut or Almond Milk"

For me as far as drinking it straight, I prefer the Vanilla Coconut milk. I like the taste and creamy-ness much better.

The sweetened vanilla almond milk, even the chocolate flavor are too sweet for me. The unsweetened non-flavored almond milk is bland. I do mix that into my iced coffees or to de-sweeten the chocolate version. I may add a yellow packet and some gluten free vanilla extract to the unsweetened almond milk to see which would make it better tasting for me. After that, if there is such a thing, I will try unsweetened Vanilla and Chocolate almond milk. I will also see if there is an unsweetened vanilla coconut milk.

The almond milk I tried was Silk brand and claims 45% of daily requirement of calcium so I am hoping that can be the milk of choice. Both are on the pricey side, seem to be the same $ in my store, but pricey.


It's just about three weeks since I first felt ill. It started off as a head cold thing, then a day or so later BOOM: my belly attacked. I've lost a bit of weight, haven't been exercising except for housecleaning and walking around a flea market since we have had so much rain but most important now is feeling well, being healthy so I can function, get myself to work, and get more shifts to cover.

Today I woke up with a stuffy head. It could be the weather, the rain finally cleared, the sun was out; change in weather sometimes gets me. It could be that I slept until 2 pm Tuesday (yesterday); change in sleep habits... It could be the cleaning since I always start of without a mask on; dust can get me very bad. Most likely? It's the soup I had last night.

It was Progresso Lite Vegetable soup: very tasty! Has wheat and eggs in it. My stomach did not rebel but headaches can mean allergies as well especially since my sinuses are much clearer than when I was still in bed, with all the fluids and hot peppermint tea I drank.

Back to the soup! As I said it was very tasty. I did not eat the pasta or the corn in it and added my standard cayenne pepper and ginger to it. I am guessing there was also some wheat or other allergen in it as well. It just has been so damp and chilly, I needed soup to warm me up. Though I do have another can of that soup, I will skip it for now, or give it to my mom to have.

Today total avoidance of anything with wheat though I got a little sugar in the coconut and almond milk I drank today.

Yesterday, I brought into the office crackers and cookies I won as part of a picnic basket at the flea market. Both looked really tasty and people at the office were rushing to get their last tastes, especially of the cookies, so that worked out nicely.

Friday, October 1, 2010

"Two Weeks In"

Update: My stomach seems to be behaving. It's been just about two weeks since eating any wheat.

Tried the Blue Diamond Vanilla Almond Milk today, it was so sweet! and the only version my Stop and Shop has. They do have Silk's Almond Milk so I got the unsweetened (unflavored I assume) and the chocolate version. Silk's label states it has 45% of daily requirement of calcium per glass, so that is an an extra bonus! I'll finish up the super sweet almond milk in my homemade caffe mochas and I am sure that Maverick will help out as well; he tried the Coconut milk and liked it a lot!

I took a look at rice cakes and they had milk products in them and I was not looking at the cheese flavor. I don't understand that but so be it. I did pick up some sweet potato chips so I can crunch something besides dill pickles and apples. I wonder how sweet potato chips taste with peanut butter on them?

I wanted to try almond butter but it was so expensive! Almost three times the price of natural peanut butter! I picked up a jar of cashew butter to try; same price as the peanut butter. Cashew butter has less of some nutrients but around the same fat and calories. I just wanted to be able to have another choice.

Another surprise to me? Chicken broth has wheat in it: WTF? Don't understand why it is needed to thicken chicken broth but so be it. I will have to make my own next time I buy chicken. It is getting to be soup season!

So I am feeling good, very tired/sleeping a lot but I am sure that is adjusting to less toxins/sugar/wheat in my diet. I do remember that from last time but it was worse since I ate more processed foods back then. Maybe another few days to a week I expect to get to not wanting to sleep until noon each day. Hope so, since I am hoping to have a shift in Pennsylvania on alternating Saturdays, I need to be awake for that!