Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Perfect Song"

Just when I think I have found the perfect song, that describes how I feel, what I need, what I want, brings tears to my eyes, I find another: Civil Twilight - "Letters From The Sky"

The piano is eerie, mesmerizing, grabs hold of me... then the words! "One day soon I'll hold you like the sun holds the moon"...

I put it up there with Foo Fighters - "Everlong" with how it gets me, gets into my heart and doesn't let go. My guy who is the subject /one singing these to me will be here...


Civil Twilight - "Letters From The Sky"

One of these days the sky's gonna break, And everything will escape, and I'll know

One of these days the mountains are gonna fall Into the sea, and they'll know

That you and I were made for this, I was made to taste your kiss, We were made to never fall away... Never fall away

One of these days letters are gonna fall From the sky telling us all to go free. But until that day I'll find a way to let everybody know, That you're coming back, you're coming back for me. 'Cause even though you left me here, I have nothing left to fear. These are only walls that hold me here, Hold me here, hold me here

One day soon I'll hold you like the sun holds the moon, And we will hear those planes overhead. And we won't have to be scared, We won't have to be, we won't have to be scared. You're coming back for me, You're coming back for me, You're coming back to me.

Hoping you all have or will soon find your everlong sun that will hold you like the moon.

Peace, love, hugs - meryl xoxo

"Birthday Dinner Recap"

Went better than I expected. Something was going on before I got there but it was not shared with me of which I was VERY glad. I took my migraine preventative pills before I got there since one is an anxiety pill/anti-depressant, just to be safe.

I stopped at their neighbor's house first since the lady is 92, always remembers my birthday and I hadn't had a chance to return her call. I thought an in person thank you would be appreciated and it really made her night. One of my sisters hadn't arrived yet so it was perfect timing.

I could tell by the look on my 14 year old niece that something was going on when I walked in the door with how happy she was to see me. She and I get along great, it was her expression and later comments that told me my father was "being himself".
Next year I will probably just treat myself to dinner on my own or if I have someone special to share it with, still owe that to myself. I think my attempts at the "tradition" of the family dinner which my father started as his treat to his daughters and wife is, at least for my birthday, a thing of the past. I can not deal with the stupid stress, it boils my blood! The niece is right: dad is old, what do you expect? out of the mouths of babes...
All the dad's out there. Do not belittle your children or treat them like they are your employee. Encourage them to be and do their best.

Should be interesting when I let the parent's in on one of my job's going away, I'll be back to being treated like I'm five, not trying, etc. etc. When I was finally able to get more set hours dad told me he was happy my "attitude" changed... WTF? Does dad really think I have control over the economy? Over people having job openings, calling me for the interview and hiring me? If I did, I would fly directly to Washington and help Obama or whomever was in office fix it. Of the few jobs I find every so often I am one of 300+ applicants. I am usually at the top of the pile but unless you are in that top ten or so, you don't get the call for the appointment. Everyone thinks medicine (and education) are "safe" fields to be in, that is where all the jobs are but no field is safe in this economy or people would be knocking down my door with my PET/CT, Nuclear Medicine, Radiography (x-ray) and computer experience.

Not sure where the PET/CT job is going, all kinds of rumors flying about but I do know I can get at least 4 days out of my office job. That is only 4 extra set hours but 28 hours much better than zero and they are looking for more places to use my expertise to help expedite their processes and increase bring their business back as well.

To think I was ending my blog with a happy note with my "Perfect Song" post... Maybe I can move the order of the posts while I listen to "Letters from the Sky" again.

Thank you for all your comments on my birthday dinner post. Family is whom we are supposed to be able to count on but not for stupid stress for love and support... and for them to know when they are belittling you, treating you like dirt, and to stop it. The latter is lost by my father for sure. "I don't mean it like that". I know he loves me, but he really doesn't get it at all!

Peace, love, hugs, meryl xoxo

PS: The posts that do funky things with the fonts start in Word and don't "transport" like they should: Grrrr!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Stupid Bizarre People: They are downgrading!

Ah yes, more stupid people!

Worked out the conflict with the RN who prompted the original definitions. My now ex-coworker did some wrong things. I think since she had to be inspected with the Geiger counter for radiation on her, which made her vent her anger towards me though I was taking care of another patient at the time…

I needed her help getting an IV started on a patient last time I was there. I told her I did not understand why my ex-coworker did not have her leave the room when he injected the radioactivity, she is not a radiology nurse, does not have the training, does not have the monitoring badges and most important, was exposed to radiation when it was not necessary. She is not required to know this HE IS! It’s common sense, but I seem to remember rules and regulations on this, but to me it’s just common sense: do not expose anyone to radiation unless it is medically necessary: case closed!

My main problem with her is she disrespected me, yelled at me in front of patients and others whom she did not know who they were. In every field but especially medicine, you don’t do that. Now granted if you see a medical professional about to inject a patient with the wrong medicine, for example, you stop it, of course, but you don’t go yelling and screaming. Not with injections, but I had similar cases when I was in school when I would see something that seemed wrong. I would quietly point it out to the technologist and mention oh, I’ve never seen it done that way, point to the screen, motion to something, etc, the error would be seen and corrected: no harm, no foul. It’s really how everyone should treat everyone in his or her jobs, and life in general. Rules, regulations, and procedures do change and can be done differently, but respect and courtesy, always! And if you chew out a colleague in front of the patient, patients may kinda freak out, not a good thing!

Today’s incident was hysterical, never thought I would keep acquiring more stupid people stories (one more stupid than the next), and why I am still talking about it. This happened at my Friday client’s office. I work on a trailer so I have to walk into and out of the building to get me patients, drop off supplies, and use the rest room, makes sense, right? The trailer is parked outside of the MRI area; it is a low people traffic area and perfect, right?

Understandably, they keep the door locked until I knock on it sometime after I arrive. My injections are delivered inside the building, I need to check in with the front desk, get my patient list and the book I need to record my QC results in so the client can keep an on-site record; the trailer is mobile after all. So I go in a few times, the MRI tech who sits right there tells me the wind keeps blowing the door open so he is going to keep it locked. I hadn’t noticed the wind, but what do I know, I am just a dumb kid, right?

Maybe 20 minutes later, I had to go back inside the building to get doses for my expected patients, the door was locked so I knocked 3 times, soft to medium, like always; it is a glass door after all. He opens the door so fast it made my head spin then starts to read me the riot act on being patient, huh? Tells me I had been banging long and hard on the door, he was trying to inject a patient. I get my what the fuck look on my face, told him I knocked 3 times only, light to medium. He tells me no, I was banging the door down, 10 minutes I think the alleged time was. I told him I don’t lie. First time I knocked when I arrived was 3-5 times (it’s not like I keep track of such mundane things) I did not bang door down then or now: I don’t lie, I knocked 3 times. During this tirade, he is almost screaming all this at the top of his lungs, telling me I’m a liar, check with the ladies up front THEY will tell me that I was the banging on the door so hard and long the building was shaking and everyone heard it. What the fuck? This is fuckin bizarre! Is he on drugs? Maybe he NEEDS drugs! He definitely needs a brain scan! Oh and human lessons!

I went to the front desk with my what the fuck look on; the whole place had to hear him ranting, raving and wondering whom he was yelling at! First I ask the ladies if I can smash his head into the wall. I was totally serious! Why not? His brain is obviously not functioning! They knew something was up! I tell them Sir MRI says I was breaking the door down. They shook their heads, went back and told him it was the radiologist that they let into the building, not me.

So Sir MRI “knew” it was me? Huh? He did not see shit, just assumed it had to be me. What a fucking dick! Now how about laying that irate tirade on the lady radiologist? SHE was the impatient one, she was breaking "his" door down.

He did apologize to me immediately. I did write an email to my superiors and his as well. They all know and respect me. I deserve to be treated with respect, the same respect I treat all others (even the undeserving like him).

I do not deserve to be treated like a little shit. I’m sure he thinks I am a young kid and that he has a right to degrade and belittle me. Anyone who knows me knows I am a patient person and give people the benefit of the doubt. There is many the time when he has locked the door, not answered with my short knocks, I cursed, then ran around to the front because I needed the bathroom bad. It was Friday, he assumed it was me and anyone who has seen that Odd Couple episode knows about the word “ass|u|me” only HE was the ass, not me.

To me the incident was so stupid I was in shock that I was hearing such stupidity, that he ranted on and on about it, and how I was lying. Stupid things like this make my blood boil!

He did eat some shoe polish but he is so arrogant and full of himself, you know except for upsetting his little world for a while it made no impact. I wish the radiologist had gone over to him and told him it was her. That might have belittled him for a moment…and been funny to watch!

Peace, love, hugs, Meryl

PS: Happy Anti Valentines Day! It was my birthday February 7, a much more important holiday being the start of the Chocolate New Year! And I am still a kid... at heart at least! :) ALWAYS!!!