Saturday, December 4, 2010


Snyder's makes low fat, gluten free, dairy free, casein free, egg free pretzels!!! Only 1 gram of sugar per serving too!


Hi all! Welcome to December!

Some places have received snow and/or large amounts of it already, even in November!

I keep my home on the cooler side. I prefer to wear long sleeves even a blanket if I am sitting watching TV than keeping the house too warm. I save money plus I think it helps me to breathe and sleep better. I do have to clean up and crank up the air filters and the humidifier to get used to the windows being closed and the air being drier. I keep the thermostat around 50-55F and use space heaters in the room I am in to bring that room to 60-65. Of course, if I can't shake the chill and my blankets and Maverick are not helping enough, I turn it up. I have been doing this since I returned to school and though the electric bill went up some, the gas/heating bill decreased greatly showing it is helping my wallet.

Since we are on a trailer and have to go into and out of buildings, I wear my long sleeved turtlenecks for my PET/CT job. There is a space heater we put on for the patients since they are supposed to be kept warm for a more effective exam. I'm surprised the AC even kicks in but I guess that is the heat the camera and computers generate. There I tend to feel chilly but I am moving a lot so it usually is not a big deal.

The office is about 75F... quite stifling! I have a fan there and wear light clothes and/or layers. And some people are actually piled up with sweaters, always cold? I don't get it! We have windows all around on the south side of the building so that is why it is so warm in there. I guess some of these people keep their homes at 80F? Hate to see those bills!

Stopped at Whole Foods yesterday for supplies. I found a quinoa based pasta I was going to try but when I picked it up out of my cart at the checkout line, the top had popped open, so I put it to the side.

I am practically living on quinoa, I really do love it! I mix it with other things but sometimes just have a bunch on its own. On it's own, I may have mentioned, I just add a little extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. This week I have been adding cayenne and a little ginger as well: I have a cold!

I have been bouncing back and forth between saying this affliction is a cold/sinus thing or my allergies. It did kick in when I closed all the windows so that leaned me towards allergies. I have be drinking lots of steamy liquids, adding cayenne for it's clearing powers. I am much better but still feel very tired (though I am getting sleep, maybe THAT is the problem ;), did get overtired running up and down the stairs the other day, and I felt a woozy last night before I ate my dinner; might have been low blood sugar, I do that sometimes. I am resting up, kinda want to clean but that always makes the nose unhappy so I have another excuse to avoid that :). I do have a lot to do around here to get ready for the holidays. No I'm not having the family here but someone who is almost like family so I want to place to look as perfect as it can. Madison and Maverick never make that easy!

Hot cocoa this time of year is excellent! I heat up chocolate almond milk with a cinnamon stick inside. After it is heated I add vanilla extract, dash of nutmeg, and coconut milk french vanilla creamer. I also add a dash of cayenne to give it a bite, today I added a little extra cayenne to kick my sinuses! I would prefer to add Baileys Irish cream instead of the creamer but that's milk, and I will pay for that. I may pick up some Irish whiskey if that is gluten free/dairy free/soy free and try that. Used to be 1-2 ounces of Baileys I added depending on the size of the mug. That would warm me up, give me a little buzz, and definitely help me fall off to sleep! :)

I have to get back to exercising since my weight has basically plateaued. I did "start up" a new program on "Lose It" to consider this phase I completed. Phase II has to include adding more exercise and dropping more carbs. It is great I have found a few replacements for bread especially for the quick breakfasts I tend to need, but I need to drop the last of this weight so I can be a happier girl! When I see how huge some people are, it reminds me how much I need to stick to this, and I thank my lucky stars I was not like that.

I also thank my lucky stars for having my jobs, good health, family that is a pain in the butt but loves me, and my special friends.

Love, peace, hugs, meryl