Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Is The Crisis Over?"

Been a while since I wrote a post...

My diet changes have been going well, the "crisis" seems to be over as I can eat some wheat. But the plan is still to remove all hidden wheat, gluten and soy from the diet so I can enjoy the few things I know I will not find a replacement for.

I tried quinoa. It's a grain, a complete protein! To me it tastes a lot like brown rice. I follow package directions cooking it in water with a little salt. I season it with some extra virgin olive oil and salt and eat it for any meal of the day on it's own or as a side dish/supplement to other food.

Ginger ale has been a God send during the bad days. I tried Schweppes Raspberry flavored Ginger Ale which is quite good; haven't been able to find a sugar free version. I tried the store brand sugar free and it was too sweet! Canada Dry is a better unflavored sugar free ginger ale in my opinion but the sugar free raspberry seems a bit too sweet as well. I mostly drink water, plain seltzer and coconut milk anyway, but it is nice to have a change.

I found a brown rice based individual pizza crust. Mostly I have been toasting it up, adding olive oil and sea salt and having it as an on the go breakfast, like toast or a pop tart I suppose. I did make one pizza but that is hard for me because I love lots of cheese on my pizza and I would rather have pizza from a good local parlor.

Weight has dropped down more, yay! Now that I have been able to advance from the liquid only diet I am hoping to get back to exercising and expanding my diet into more vegetables. I have been hesitant since vegetables can be hard to digest.

I tried coconut milk yogurt. After getting used to the thick Greek yogurt, coconut milk yogurt is like a smoothie. I am not sure if there is a limit to how much coconut milk I can have in a day or if there is something I missed in the yogurt but it does upset my stomach a little bit, unless I missed something else which is very possible.

Been tracking all my food, symptoms, where I am in a free iPod app called "Lose It". You can also access it online at

Had a fiasco of a job possibility this week but on the plus side, my part time computer job is giving me set 30 hours per week which means a steady 30 hour paycheck every week AND benefits as well. I can still work my Friday PET/CT job and some additional shifts here and there; the office job requires me to be in the office at least 3 days a week. It is not going to be easy especially this week since I will have a long day on Monday doing PET/CT, then work 3 ten hour days at office, and finish up with another PET/CT shift on Friday BUT at least I know I am getting at least 30 hours of pay each week.

1 less stresser, I got my Christmas shopping completed this week. It was not planned, I was off Friday and getting a few things and ended up getting gifts for all the humans. Saturday I needed a break so I went to Petsmart and took care of my kidz and my sister's cat. The plan is to bake biscuits like I did last year for the dogs.

The only problem I am finding with my Monday through Friday work week being so busy is that I am so overly bored on the weekends with nothing fun to do. I hope I don't drive my only local, unattached friend away, that would be truly sad on so many levels. I am hoping our plans to chip in for something are still on and will occur around our birthdays beginning of next year... and that our friendship will grow in leaps and bounds! That would ultimately make me the happiest!

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