Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Had a big interview today for a full time job (finally). I believe it went well, I impressed them, etc. hopefully they make me an offer; they are interviewing at least three other people that I know of. I was the first one called from the pile of 300+ resumes... Resume was sent in over two months ago!

Last night, all of a sudden my stomach exploded on me three times! I did not eat anything remotely bad. In fact all I had yesterday was filtered water from home, home made iced caffe mocha with almond milk, and a little natural peanut butter. These are things I eat regularly and have had no problem with.

I immediately thought it was my nerves. I am very anxious about getting this job. It is the first full time position I have applied for in my medical field (all positions open have been per diem, part time so far... or too far away). My parents, specifically my father, is on my case even more....

He enlightened me that a full time job is the goal, uh duh! Oh yes, and not to have my cell phone turned on during the interview. Unless I need to access reference numbers from it, which I have listed on paper now, it is off when I walk into the building. I am not stupid dad! He has such a way to belittle his adult children like this...

Anyway, that is why I thought my "illness" was from my nerves, then again, I have never been that gravely ill from nerves. Sure I think we all have had a time or two when we were nervous or anxious, felt a bit queasy, had butterflies but I had a platoon of butterflies in my belly, then the revolution!

After all episodes were completed, I could tell I had a slight fever so I think this time, it was one of those stupid stomach flus. Of course this occurring and needing to get to my interview today...

I am just so confused with what my body is doing to me. I wish my body would tell me specifically what the problem is. Some things can be fixed like diet, other things like jobs I am not in control over that.


  1. Good luck with your Job hunt Meryl, I have nervous reactions to stuff like that,but mine are hives red, hot & itchy ! Hope you are ok xoxoxo

  2. I'm ok. The interview this week week was the super strange one; I removed my application from consideration