Saturday, January 29, 2011

"It Snows In January, Duh!"

Ha ha ha!

My co-worker... he has a Nissan Murano SUV with AWD. Our snowstorm was Wednesday into Thursday, I've been able to get to work in my FWD 9 year old Toyota and he couldn't get to our job on Friday.

Ha ha ha! His new name is wimp! Yes, I am enjoying this too much! I do have to say it was easier to work without him. One less person on the trailer and I didn't have to waste my time double-checking his work. What am I supposed to just do it all when he is there? To think he has been doing PET/CT exams years more than I. Each time we work together, I see more and more why the guy who trained me said I picked up things so fast. I am far from perfect but I pick things up fast... especially the easy stuff.

Peace, love, hugs and more big weekly snow storms! ;) meryl

PS: We all know February is the bigger snow month, right?

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