Friday, March 4, 2011

"Illegal Music"

I want to be able to listen to music while I work at the office and found out yesterday my headphones (actually they are ear pods) are illegal as well! I have been working at this office two years in June.

I do my work, I answer my phone, I can hear others call my name without them shouting or disrupting others and take them off when someone is talking to me or I am on the phone, what is the problem? People with private offices play music over their computer speakers. I am in a sea of cubicles!

I got scolded for talking with a customer a decibel too loud, I’d be shot if I tried to listen to music through my PC THOUGH the “scolder” (a manager) plays CDs on her PC with and without headphones and that is ok… and through her iPhone as well; I have an iPod.

Wonder if I can get in paid music breaks like the smokers do? I personally cannot live without music; it relaxes me, helps me to focus and entertains me. For me, this is a much bigger more important issue since the office prefers silence and whispering, which drives me mad! (I am not the only one who feels this way.) I find whispering much more distracting than a little background noise or conversation. If I need a little quiet, I put on my music or take an unpaid break to clear my head.

I have come up with a compromise I am going to bring up to the VP of Operations; she is the one who disapproves of headphones. And no, it will not be I use ear pods and others use headphones OR I have an iPod and others are using iPhones and maybe texting illegally as well… It’s a viable solution, just don’t know if she will allow it or not.

If you don’t try you can’t fail… or succeed either!

I was also recently told all cell phones are supposed to be inside the desk. I have mine out, on silent, not even on vibrate, God forbid my father has an emergency and also I used to have another part time job. I treated each one equally as far as cell phone and email receipt, reading and response. I am a professional after all! Oh yes and an adult too!

Peace, love, hugs, health, music... meryl xoxo

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  1. i totally understand. I love listening to music while working. It relaxes me as well.