Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Family Unties aka To Text or Not To Text..."

Last Saturday, I was very hurt over the engagement announcement of my sister being broadcast over Facebook at 8 AM, then she sending me a text a few hours later "so I wouldn't see it on Facebook first". Call me old fashioned but I was very, VERY hurt!

I only stay on Facebook to keep up with my classmates (i.e. job contacts) and out of state relatives and friends. Seems with some people it is the only way they can "keep in touch": unfortunately with most of my family and friends I feel I am always the one chasing them to make plans, etc.

I understand my future BIL being excited and wanting to announce to the whole Facebook world my sister accepted his proposal, I don't understand (and never will!) why family did not get a phone call first... well as far as I can tell the only direct family member who did not get a pre-announcement call (or in person announcement) was me. And yes, it still hurts!

My sister and I (I have two) have always been at odds with each other all our lives; I blame my parent's for having us share a bedroom (though there were two available rooms at the time) most of our lives, which added fuel to the fire to start and keep our sibling rivalry alive. I guess that is why a few friends thought I was angry because she was engaged? WTF?

If you think/thought that, you don't have a clue about me, THAT is for sure! I can't be happier that after becoming a widow six or so years ago, that my sister was able to find another great guy to fall in love with who truly loves her and makes her extremely happy. I love both my brothers in law and my niece too!

The point is text is not appropriate! I had to go to the ER last week to get stitches and I certainly did not text my family about it!

I thank God I have my BFF and he was around to make me smile and laugh through all those tears: HE is the best, thanks K!

Technology is great and I love being able to send a quick text update or "I'm running late" to someone but text is not meant for everything. Common sense should tell all that BUT I also know there are too many stupid people out there, one who is probably texting a non-text type message right now while they are driving...

The lesson to be learned is be cognizant of the feelings of others and with big, important news, do not text it to your closest loved ones. You don't want them to be as hurt as I am. Not that she even has a clue, but I have forgiven her...after a long week. She did call me that afternoon to talk but I am sure when she called and told mom that day how the news of the engagement was spread that mom convinced her to call me... it is just the next button next to "Send Message" on the contacts list after all...

Hopefully, no one else will have to go through this type of pain but, I know I'll get it some other way: I always do! (No, I am not paranoid, unfortunately too experienced in such things...) So much for me treating others as I would like to be treated. I will not change my ways, I will continue to treat others as I would treat myself, but I may be using the delete button more.

Things like this make me realize more and more how I have grown apart and am so different from my family... very, very sad: for them!

Love, hugs, peace... Meryl xoxo

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