Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"First Meeting"

Finally forced Madison to pay attention to new kitty.

Madison was gnawing on her rawhide, tail wagging, and the wagging tail caught new kitty's eye. Got Madison to sit nicely, picked up kitty, and he thought I was going to feed him to Madison; they were about 5 feet apart, kitty in my arms. They looked at each other for about 5-10 seconds then kitty hissed, Madison barked, and kitty ran off behind the chair.

All in all a good first meeting, I think. No permanent scars on me.

Otherwise, new kitty doing very well. He is very comfortable roaming around the TV room when I am the only one with him, of course. Even ran out into the bathroom when I opened the door; Madison was outside at the time.

I bought a couple of scratching mats that you can hang from door knobs so I can have a few, a carpeted bed type thing, brush, harness, and leash.

Camera not working, very ticked at that. I may have to go back to film so I can get a few shots of him. Still need to select a name. Madison still likes Tigger.

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