Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"He Has A Name!"

Hi everyone, Madison here!

I barked at new kitty again, he wasn't even hissing at me. I just get so possessive of my bone... I was on one side of the exercise machine, he on the other, coming close to take a peek at me and I let him have it: WOOF WOOOF WOOOOOOF! He ran behind the reclining chair; his cozy spot.

Mom took the gate and put it in the doorway so I am in the hallway, mom on the couch working, and kitty came out into the open, but staying on his side of barricade just in case. I keep whining here and there while chewing on my rawhide, he's been sleeping.

And I know, what you all have been waiting for, his name: Maverick the Tiger, well Maverick for short. Guess we both got to name him!

hugs & cuddles, Madison xoxo xo

PS: mom going to buy disposable camera so it maybe a little while until we get pictures unless she can borrow camera from one of my Aunts. We will post pictures as soon as we get them, of course. The vet calls him a "black & white" tabby, we just love him, see I said it mom!

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