Friday, October 23, 2009

“There is no Such Thing as a Free Lunch”

Day 4: Madison & Maverick getting along real well, pretty amazing! I am sure working from home these days allowing me to spend time with both of them has expedited the process. The are sniffing each other, tapping noses, rubbing cheeks, and chasing, all in small increments, without hissing and barking: Amazing!

Came back from Stop-n-Shop (food/supermarket). Finally remembered to cash in $5.75 worth of soda cans and to use my free Freschetta pizza coupon (Note to Self: soda cans sitting in the trunk of the car can get stinky! Make sure a) rinsed better, and b) don’t leave them too long). So I bring in and put away all my booty and decide to heat up my free pizza: 4 Cheese Self-Rising crust, yum! Got myself a Cherry Coke Zero (not bad!) and went into my usual eating place, the TV room/Den; its small but the most used room in the house and where Maverick’s bedroom is first established.

Maverick wants to drink my soda and taste my pizza, Madison is trying to get her tail to hit my plate… Calgon take me away! So I get up, close the door with both of them inside, and retreat to the peace and tranquility of the kitchen to eat my meal.

There is no such thing as a free lunch… not anymore… for now.

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