Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"New Kitty Details!" by Madison

New Kitty is about 12 weeks old, he is a neutered male gray tabby; he has black tiger stripes, mom says he’s a tiger kitty! Mom met him this past Sunday (October 18, 2009) and we are bringing him home today (October 20, 2009). The shelter calls him “Pokey” but we are going to give him a new name. Since mom & I have “M” names she would love to find an “M” name for him as well, but not a requirement.

When mom met new kitty, definitely will be one of his nicknames like my “little girl”, he was in a room with 6 or 7 other kitties, 2 others look exactly like him, but one was already adopted, the other a girl kitty, mom wanted a boy. As soon as mom walked into his kitty room, all the kitties came to her. Mom hugged & snuggled with all the kitties; it was Snuggle Sunday after all! New kitty snuggled, nuzzled, licked her, and nibbled her thumb.

The shelter wants to find forever homes, of course, so they check references. She had to promise not to de-claw, we are not into that and promise it would be an indoor kitty. She was honest and told them since me and mom spend nice days out in the yard, she was thinking of getting a harness and line so new kitty could join them, just like she did at grandma’s when she was a little girl and Aunt K does with her new kitty El Gato. The got “approval” from the foster family, they thought mom meant she would take a 12-week-old kitten out in the dreary, damp, rainy weather we had Sunday. Mom told them she was talking about next Spring and Summer when the kitty is older, like duh!!!

They ask for two personal references, at least one not a family member, a vet reference, and for you to specify who would take care of the pet if you pass before the pet does. Mom got the call at work yesterday that she had impeccable references so we were approved; we knew we would be!

So I think those are all the details for now.

15:40 EST New Kitty Update: new kitty is home & currently exploring the closet, he's not taking any pictures yet which is OK since the camera is not working.

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