Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coconut or Almond Milk II"

Interesting how each Stop n Shop I go to around me, has a different selection of what they sell.

I had tried vanilla flavored almond milk and found it too sweet, tried the unsweetened and didn't like that either, preferring the vanilla coconut milk. This Stop n Shop did not have the coconut milk but did have the frozen products from the same company, So Delicious. (Frozen taste test will be its own post.)

Today I mixed 5 ounces of original (unflavored) almond milk with 3 ounces of vanilla (both of the sweetened variety) and I like it!

I will probably use the unsweetened version in my caffe mochas. I am considering trying the unsweetened version and adding store brand Splenda to it too see if that would work as well.

I feel like Goldilocks!

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