Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It's just about three weeks since I first felt ill. It started off as a head cold thing, then a day or so later BOOM: my belly attacked. I've lost a bit of weight, haven't been exercising except for housecleaning and walking around a flea market since we have had so much rain but most important now is feeling well, being healthy so I can function, get myself to work, and get more shifts to cover.

Today I woke up with a stuffy head. It could be the weather, the rain finally cleared, the sun was out; change in weather sometimes gets me. It could be that I slept until 2 pm Tuesday (yesterday); change in sleep habits... It could be the cleaning since I always start of without a mask on; dust can get me very bad. Most likely? It's the soup I had last night.

It was Progresso Lite Vegetable soup: very tasty! Has wheat and eggs in it. My stomach did not rebel but headaches can mean allergies as well especially since my sinuses are much clearer than when I was still in bed, with all the fluids and hot peppermint tea I drank.

Back to the soup! As I said it was very tasty. I did not eat the pasta or the corn in it and added my standard cayenne pepper and ginger to it. I am guessing there was also some wheat or other allergen in it as well. It just has been so damp and chilly, I needed soup to warm me up. Though I do have another can of that soup, I will skip it for now, or give it to my mom to have.

Today total avoidance of anything with wheat though I got a little sugar in the coconut and almond milk I drank today.

Yesterday, I brought into the office crackers and cookies I won as part of a picnic basket at the flea market. Both looked really tasty and people at the office were rushing to get their last tastes, especially of the cookies, so that worked out nicely.

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