Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Wheatless not Witless"

Been doing well avoiding the wheat products. I use this link from Gluten Free Living http://www.glutenfreeliving.com/ingredient.php to help out. Like with all allergens/food intolerances, it is the hidden ingredients or the almost invisibly printed "processed on equipment with you allergen/intolerance" that are the most troublesome.

I'm still drinking a lot: coconut milk (finished off the almond milk), seltzer, water, tea, and having a few homemade caffe mochas. Solid food mostly apples, sweet potatoes, natural peanut butter (on its own or on apple slices, yum!), dill pickles, tomato soup, other non-wheat vegetable soups, and turkey. And of course some Dove Dark Chocolate. So I haven't been low sugar but definitely keeping the white foods (except safe milk) out of the picture. I think, and the results tend to be supporting, the wheat/gluten is a problem.

Last night as an experiment, I had a fun pack of M&M's. Granted, there are maybe 20-30 M&M's in the bag but they are milk chocolate. They did not bother me a bit. This is not concrete proof for me, however, than I can have milk. In the past when my system was "clean" I was able to get away with a super sized Friendly Hot Fudge Sundae, i.e. about 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 1/2 Hot Fudge Sauce, 1/2 Caramel sauce, at least 1/2 of whipped cream, and walnuts *daydreams of HF sundae for a moment* I do know that the real ice cream like Breyer's would not attack me like other brands that had very unreal ingredients to make them creamier.

I had a icy, crisp, Blue Moon Ale Friday after another long night at work and it did not bother me, yay! And may I say how great it tasted so icy cold! It was also after another session of my father raking me over the coals and not eating anything solid all day; I had an apple & coconut milk before the ale. I did get my post trauma coal raking headache last night but part of that was also the nasty storm. Since I have had virtually zero headaches since my migraine medication was increased, I blame it on the excess, inane stress of Friday.

I felt like a treat last night so I cut up an apple, sprinkled ground cinnamon, a tablespoon or two of grated sweetened coconut, 30 or so semi-sweet morsels and microwaved it to heat it up. Had I remembered, I would have added walnuts; next time! I did not add sugar because the Empire apples are great and the chocolate & coconut have sugar in them (though I would have added stevia or splenda type if I had). It was delicious! Not lot sugar but no dairy and no wheat, tasty, sweet, and filling maybe being the most important since this was a large apple. All calculated out the total calories was not too bad for a tasty, chocolaty dessert: about 307 calorie.

I think that covers it. Take care & peace, meryl

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