Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Coconut or Almond Milk"

For me as far as drinking it straight, I prefer the Vanilla Coconut milk. I like the taste and creamy-ness much better.

The sweetened vanilla almond milk, even the chocolate flavor are too sweet for me. The unsweetened non-flavored almond milk is bland. I do mix that into my iced coffees or to de-sweeten the chocolate version. I may add a yellow packet and some gluten free vanilla extract to the unsweetened almond milk to see which would make it better tasting for me. After that, if there is such a thing, I will try unsweetened Vanilla and Chocolate almond milk. I will also see if there is an unsweetened vanilla coconut milk.

The almond milk I tried was Silk brand and claims 45% of daily requirement of calcium so I am hoping that can be the milk of choice. Both are on the pricey side, seem to be the same $ in my store, but pricey.

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